Grassroots 2024: What You Need to Know

Your Grassroots 2024 Ticket Includes:

● Attendance to the Soils and Pasture Species Bus Tour on the 14th of February
● Attendance to Grassroots Festival on the 15th of February
● Dinner at the Farmers Feast and Fellowship at 6pm on the 15th of February

14th February Pasture Species Bus Tour

● When purchasing your Grassroots ticket you will be prompted to select whether you will
be attending this bus tour as it is optional.
● Lunch and a BBQ dinner will be provided on the day.
● You will need to arrive at The Rocky Cape Tavern for 09.30am for a 10am departure.
There is plenty of parking at The Rocky Cape Tavern.
● We will arrive back at The Rocky Cape Tavern for 6pm where a BBQ dinner is being

BBQ on the 14th of February

● Following the bus tour on the 14th of February there will be a BBQ at The Rocky Cape
Tavern for ALL Grassroots 2024 ticket holders. You are invited regardless of whether
you attend the bus tour or not.

15th February Grassroots 2024

● You will arrive at 818 Montumana Road, Montumana, TAS, 7321 at 8.30am for talks to
begin at 9am.
● Parking on site - you will be directed upon arrival.
● There will be two talks in separate locations every hour, delegates must choose which
talk they would like to attend and will move between locations throughout the day
depending on which topic or speaker they are interested in.
● Demonstration sites will be running at lunchtime.
● Food vans will be available throughout the day for attendees to purchase food and drink.
● At 4pm all panelists will meet in the one location for a panel discussion where attendees
may ask questions and have thoughtful discussions.
● At 6pm all attendees will are invited to stay on site where they will be served dinner at
the Farmers Feast and Fellowship Supper.

16th February Christine Jones, Soil as a Living System

● Tickets for Christine Jones’ workshop are purchased separately to Grassroots 2024
● Attendees will arrive at 19074 Bass Highway, Rocky Cape, TAS, 7321 at 9am for a
9.30 start.
● Morning tea and lunch will be provided for all attendees.
● 4pm finish

Grassroots Footage

● Following Grassroots 2024 all ticket holders will receive a locked link giving them access
to the talks from the day.
● If you do not purchase a ticket - you will not have access to this footage.

Video Access Only Tickets

● If you cannot attend the day in person, we have created a video access only ticket at a discounted rate.
● Video access only ticket holders will have access to the recorded sessions but will not be allowed entry to the event in person.
● Recordings will be published and shared via email once edited. We do not have a timeframe for when you will receive the link to access these recording, but you will be updated throughout the process.
● Video access only tickets can be purchased via the Grassroots Festival 2024 Eventbrite.
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