The plan is to run a bus tour on the 14th February to a couple of local farms doing great work with soils and pasture species. That night there will be a barbeque for all bus tour participants and anyone else who has arrived early in preparation for the next day.
For the day itself, 15th February, we have already have 3 international speakers booked, plus several from interstate as well as numerous locals.
We are hosting a meal in the evening to give attendees the opportunity to mix and connect. 
Friday 16th will see one of our speakers holding a workshop for interested farmers on farm and at a local community hall.


14th February
Bus Tour:
Soils and Pasture Species
Stop 1:
Greenham Westmore Grazing Property at Marrawah to look at the work they have done improving soil health and reducing inputs of synthetic fertilisers.
Stop 2:
John and Vikki Lillico Dairy Farmers at Broad Meadows, Smithton to look at their mixed species pastures to see how they established them and how they are performing.
They have also reduced their reliance on synthetic fertilisers and improved productivity through better soil health.
Barbeque for bus tour participants, speakers and any others attending the Field. 


15th February




The Carbon Framework and markets.
Oli Madgett
Joel Williams
Valuing Carbon & Biodiverity.
Leanne Sherriff
You are what you eat, eats
Pablo Gregorini
Customer perception - what they want. 
Jess Loughland
The Soil Microbiome 
Christine Jones
The Furracabad Story. 
Ryan & Kate Usmar
Organic Farming - perception v's reality.
Mark Lambert
Opportunities for farmers with renewable energy.
Paul Fulton
Farmer Health & Fitness. 
Louise O'Neil
Multi Metering & property to property sharing.
Roderic O'Connor
Graeme Hand
Panel Discussion Q&A
Panel Discussion Q&A
Farmers Feast and Fellowship Supper
Farmers Feast and Fellowship Supper
Please see below for further information 
about the speakers.
Demonstration Sites Running Throughout The Day
Soil Pit:
Hosted by Soil First
Rainfall Simulator:
Hosted by Soil First
Soil Test Results & Plant Tissue Sample Results:
Hosted by SWEP
Trees on Farms:
Hosted By Private Forests Tas
Mixed Species Pastures:
Hosted by Ardent Seeds
Deferred Grazing:
Hosted by Gunningham Farms
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