Mark Lambert


Mark Lambert is a Tasmanian dairy farmer who thinks very broadly. Top of the class in many subjects back in his school days, Mark astounded his teachers in choosing to go farming. But after building up the dairy farm for 13 years, he grew disillusioned with the advice that he was
receiving, he started looking for answers from “outside the box”, exploring old literature from before the days of chemical farming, he looked for what worked for them, and tried this on his farm. This inadvertently led him down the path into organic/regenerative farming, and slowly,
over time, it turned all he had learnt in the first 13 years on its head.
Recently, Mark and his family have gone through a health crisis caused by mould and drinking water quality. This has reinforced his decision to farm organically/regeneratively and has led him to become somewhat of a purist.
Now as a passionate advocate of Organic/Regenerative farming, Mark loves to share what he has done on his farm. Organic/regenerative farming isn’t just putting nothing on the land, adding a few herbs and watching production plummet. It is multifaceted and complex, but also simple. It
involves chemical and biological systems in the soils and cows, and done well leads to production gain, profitability and clean food.
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