Pablo Gregorini

Professor Pablo Gregorini


BAgSc (AgEng), MSc, SAP, PhD, PAS, CFPG, Dipl ACAAB, Dipl ACAN, Dipl ACAS Pablo joined Lincoln University (New Zealand) as Professor of Livestock Production in 2017, where he focuses on nutritional and behavioral management of grazing ruminants focusing on environmental protection, animal welfare, human health, and production systems design.
In April 2023, Pablo added Agricultural Systems to his professorship. He now holds the Lincoln University Professorship of Livestock Production and Agricultural Systems. He Heads the Lincoln University Centre of Excellence “Designing Future Productive Landscapes
(” and the Directs the Lincoln University “Pastoral Livestock Production Lab ( ”.
Pablo has authored over 200 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, 5 international book chapters, edited 3 Special Issues in Nutritional Ecology of Foraging and Grazing Management, and written more than 400 conference papers/Abstracts/Tech notes for international professional meetings. He presented his work at more than 200 professional, research meetings, and academic institutions.
Pablo is associate editor of the journals ‘Animal Production Science’ (CSIRO Publishing, Australia) and ‘Grassland Science’ (Wiley-Blackwell, Publishing, Japan) and serves the Journal of Animal Science, Applied Animal Science Journal (American Association of Animal Science), Frontiers for Sustainable Food Systems, and Nature (Sustainable Agriculture) as member of their editorial board.
Pablo is a member of the Forum of the Pastoralist Knowledge Hub (FAO), Livestock, Environment and Development, (LEAD-FAO), Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society of Agriculture (USA), Knowledge Sharing Network for Animal Nutritionists (FAO), American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) and American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS), as well as the American Forage and Grassland Council (AFGC). Moreover, Pablo is a board member of and one of the original founders of the International Scientific Committee for Animal sourced foods and Livestock: Ethics, Planet and Health ALEPH. He has also been a member of the numerous Scientific Committees, e.g., International Symposium of Ruminant Physiology, International Symposium of Nutrition of Herbivores, and International Grazing Behavior Workshop. In 2018, Pablo was elected as the Chair of the International Scientific Advisory Groups for International Symposium of Nutrition of Herbivores. He is also a member of the International Scientific Committee on Farm systems Design.
In addition to his research duties in New Zealand, Pablo is currently working on nutrition, foraging ecology and grazing management of domesticated and wild ruminants in different grasslands and rangelands of the world. Finally, Pablo keeps close to a broader view of agricultural systems, which got him working on issues related to sustainability of agricultural systems around the world exploring how phyto-chemistry and culture once linked the palates of humans and herbivores with soil, plants, and landscapes.
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